Price Analysis: Bitcoin Could Hit $67,500 in March


The current cryptocurrency crash could be over sooner than you think as Bitcoin prepares to blow its previous all time high out of the water. After reaching a peak of $20,000 on December 17, the value of Bitcoin has dipped by 69% to a low of $6200. Due to Bitcoin’s big role in the cryptocurrency market, most other coins have also followed this trend. This has caused huge amounts of panic as investors have watched the value of their portfolios more than halve. If past trends are anything to go off though, there is no reason to panic – in fact, you should be celebrating this massive investment opportunity.


BTC Price Chart
Bitcoin peaked at a value of $20,000 in December and reached a low of $6200 in February.


In the past, Bitcoin has been through numerous crashes and has always come back stronger. The table below shows all of the corrections where Bitcoin dipped more than 30% from its highest price at the time. Including the recent dip, this has happened 13 times in total with 6 occurring in 2017 alone.


Bitcoin Historical Drop Table
All of the historical Bitcoin dips where the value dropped by at least 30% of the peak price.


The data shows that these corrections are usually short-lived, with most lasting less than few weeks. Most importantly, the correction length isn’t correlated with the severity of the dip; Bitcoin has recovered from an 83% dip in 3 days, while also taking 35 days to recover from a 39% dip. Therefore, although a 69% drop in value is rather significant, it could be back to $20,000 within days.

We can also see that Bitcoin is frequently reaching new highs. Just looking at the corrections in 2017, the longest time between two price peaks was the 82 days from June to September. If the current correction follows this pattern, then we should see a new Bitcoin peak by the 9th of March. This prediction seems promising as Bitcoin has already started recovering from its low of $6200.

After each of these dips, the next Bitcoin peak price was usually at least 150% of the previous all time high – sometimes it was as much as 337%. If this trend continues after the current dip, Bitcoin could reach as high as $67,500 before its next correction!

So don’t let the dip scare you. Bitcoin has recovered before and will recover again. The worst thing you can do during a dip is sell your cryptocurrencies and cement your losses. If you have money to invest, you could even take advantage of the dip. Follow this guide to investing in cryptocurrencies and get what you can while its cheap – this might be the last time you see prices this low!


  1. Impressive analysis and great advice. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned investor, or a rookie, it’s imperative to understand the forces behind market movements: fear and greed. We have all learned this at some point or another. When bitcoin drops, its creates a great buying opportunity. But there is no crystal ball, and the only way to give yourself the opportunity for major gains is to take emotions out of the picture and stay invested. With the stock market, for example – the biggest gains typically occur over a 10 day period. If you aren’t invested, you don’t benefit from exposure. So regardless of what some may think, there is no such thing as “timing the market.” Get invested, stay invested, and only invest what you can afford to – as their are no guarantees. Those who stick with is are the ones who will reap the benefits over the long term. There is no use in jumping in when it’s too late, or after a positive correction has occurred. Good luck to all prudent speculators!

  2. The end of March is 44 days away as of now and BTC is currently at 9.5k.
    So you’re saying BTC would rise for 44 days in sequence, with a gain of 1.25k per day.

  3. This could be true but as I write, it is March 22 and we are not seeing that kind of jump. But then again, we could have show-stopping news that will fuel a price hike to 60k in a week…. but I am not holding my breath though.
    Key to making money on crypto is understanding TA, buying on long and short swings and maybe you’ll hit the Moon hahaa.


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