What’s Next for TRON – Cryptocurrency Price Predictions


TRON is different from the other leading altcoins. It offers a token like the rest do, but also has unique services that it offers.

TRON is a decentralized platform that seeks to create a free global digital content entertainment system. The platform’s blockchain-based infrastructure and distributed storage technology allow easier and more cost-effective content sharing.

Tron Price predictions
The price of TRON has been predicted to rise in the near future.

Mainnet Launch Success

Despite launching at a time of cryptocurrency market turmoil and pessimism, TRON’s launch was a success. TRON’s success came amid rumours that it was doomed to fail. Since its launch, TRON’s market cap has launched it seamlessly into the top 20 cryptocurrencies list. It has also gathered a massive online following on YouTube and other social media. The platform even facilitates the sharing of content on YouTube, Facebook, and other major content media.

Well over 1 million people currently hold TRON tokens, making it by far the biggest coin on Ethereum, ahead of EOS and even Bitcoin. It is now one of the most traded cryptos as well.

All of this is quite remarkable for such a young cryptocurrency. This begs the question, what happens next?

Coming Events

TRON, like all other cryptocurrencies, has proven to be quite volatile. Fortunately, there are many trends that are currently affecting TRON’s price, and we have a general idea of where TRON will be by the end of 2018.

TRON’s market cap was ranked 56th a few months ago, but now it is ranked 12th on CoinMarketCap. Big names in crypto investment including investingpr.com predict that TRON can rise to the $1 mark within the next five years. Some investors predict a bear market, but the general consensus is that TRON is likely to end the year in the $0.50-0.70USD ball park. There are a few big possibilities that any significant price increase would rely on.

TRON founder Justin Sun’s relationship with Jack Ma may raise the possibility of a mergence or convergence with Alibaba in the near future.

In less speculative news, multiple corrections and expansions are currently taking place. TRON’s P2P payment and reward platform is set to launch on Twitter. This will give Twitter users the ability to send or receive TRON tokens (TRX) from anywhere in the world.

On August 30th, TRON is set to complete the final update for its mainnet. It will integrate the final version of their TRON Virtual Machine. The current version is still in the testing phase and is being used to detect bugs.

There are currently many deals in the works with other platforms, such as gaming platform game.com. Each of these potential partnerships offers a boost to TRX.

So, Will TRON’s Price Go Up?

Yes, in fact it is highly unlikely that TRON’s price won’t go up significantly. The better question is how far it will rise. Despite the bear market that has been reducing confidence in TRON recently, it really hasn’t even gotten started. Every month TRON has been presenting new changes and announcing pleasant new surprises.

While less can be said for the long term, you should expect the market to change very soon. TRON’s price has been hovering around $0.02USD in the last few days. This price will definitely rise to over $0.10, then return to its peak of $0.25 by the year’s end. As for next year, no one knows yet, but higher prices should be expected. Some speculators estimate TRX to be worth $3 in the not-too-distant future.


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