ATLANT: A Crypto Real Estate Platform That is Ready to Moon


With ATLANT, your investment is almost guaranteed to increase in value and/or provide you with regular income. ATLANT is a novel blockchain-based real estate platform that allows users to invest in property and enjoy a passive income stream without having to purchase entire buildings. Users will be able to trade unique, building-specific cryptocurrency tokens that represent partial ownership of properties. The token holders will then receive a portion of the rental income collected from the buildings. ATLANT will also offer a peer-to-peer (P2P) rental service, competing with the likes of AirBnB. With their decentralized, blockchain-based structure, they will be able to offer much cheaper accommodation than current P2P platforms.

The recently funded project, for which the initial coin offering finished on October 31 2017, has slowly been gaining attention; the market cap has grown from an initial 2.5 million USD up to 25 million USD in just 10 weeks. This increase is just the start for ATLANT though, as this project could easily surpass a 500 million USD market cap once their service is made available to the public in March 2018. This promising cryptocurrency has a strong potential to grow 10 fold or more in the coming months, and is definitely a coin to keep your eye on this year. If you’re considering investing, now is the time to do it; once ATLANT is launched, the sky’s the limit! Here’s why.


ATLANT Roadmap
The ATLANT roadmap shows that they will be launching their service in March 2018.


Tokenized Ownership

ATLANT’s tokenized ownership allows you to invest in real estate without committing to any of the nitty-gritty of property upkeep or to putting all of your capital into just one expensive basket. Each token you purchase on ATLANT entitles you to a portion of the rent collected, proportional to how much of the building you own. Investors can purchase as many tokens as they want, from as many properties as they want. This is a great way for investors to add real estate from around the world to their portfolio without needing huge amounts of capital to purchase an entire building.

How does it work?

When a building is listed for sale on the ATLANT platform, it is divided into a number of building-specific tokens which each represent 1mm2 of the physical property. For example, if the Parkside Mall, an imaginary 50,000m2 property, is listed for sale on ATLANT for 500 million USD, then 50 billion Parkside Mall tokens (PSM) will be created and offered to buyers for 1 cent each in a property token offering (PTO); this process is similar to an initial coin offering (ICO) for a new cryptocurrency. Investors may then purchase as many PSM tokens as they want, until all of the tokens have been sold. Once that happens, the money will be sent to the seller, and the investors will receive their tokens – they now own the building!

A local property management company is nominated to take care of every building sold on ATLANT. It could not be easier for investors; the token holders do not need to do any traditional landlord work such as looking for tenants or maintaining the building. The property managers will take care of everything, and in return will take a cut of the rent money collected. If the investors are ever unhappy with how the company is managing their building, they can start a vote with other token holders to replace them.

Once the ATLANT platform is up and running, many different buildings will be available to invest in. It’s okay if you miss the initial property token offering, because after each building is sold, it’s listed on the ATLANT decentralized exchange. This exchange is just like Binance or Kucoin, except it allows users to buy and sell their building ownership tokens. So, not only will your tokens entitle you to a passive rental income stream, but they may also naturally grow in price as the real-life property develops, becoming more desirable to investors as the rental dividends increase.


Peer-to-Peer Rentals

As well as listing their properties for sale, owners will also be able to rent their property out on a day-to-day basis through ATLANT. This service will compete with other peer-to-peer rental services such as AirBnB, but will have some distinct advantages. As ATLANT is a decentralized platform with no paid employees, the costs to the customer can be significantly reduced; ATLANT predicts that they will be able to offer prices 20-30% cheaper than current P2P rental services. Instead of a centralized company with employees, ATLANT token holders will provide computing power to host the service and will act as independent arbiters if any disputes arise. In return for these services, the token holders receive a small service fee that is collected from each transaction.

Another issue that ATLANT will be able to tackle due to its blockchain-based platform is fake reviews. On other services, it can be very easy for people to leave fake reviews, either to make their accommodation look better, or make others look worse. Because of this, it can be hard for customers to get accurate and truthful information. Using a blockchain-based solution solves this problem. Each review will be linked to a blockchain payment which can be easily tracked, proving that the review came from a real customer or owner. In addition to this, reviews will be securely stored in the blockchain, where they can’t be deleted or modified by any party.


ATLANT P2P Rentals
A preview of ATLANT’s P2P rental service.


The ATLANT Token (ATL)

While you need to hold property tokens to be entitled to a cut of rental income, ATLANT tokens (ATL) themselves come with various benefits, including their own form of passive income. ATL holders that contribute to the decentralization of the ATLANT system by running an ATLANT node on their computer will receive frequent rewards. These rewards come from the listing fees collected when new properties are sold, and the service fees for using the P2P rental service.

How much can you earn holding ATL?

The initial fee for listing a property on ATLANT will be set at 7% of the property value. While this sounds high, it actually ends up cheaper for the seller as ATLANT cuts out the need for a lot of middlemen. For the Parkside Mall property example used previously, a $35 million listing fee would be distributed among users currently hosting nodes. Even if all of the 13 million circulating tokens were actively being used for node hosting, each token would receive a $2.70 share of the listing fee. If you invested $2000 right now and had 1000 tokens, this would entitle you to $2700 on just this one listing.

Token holders also get some other benefits, such as voting power and the ability to act as an independent arbiter. ATL token holders can vote on changes to the ATLANT system, such as different listing and rental fees, or nominating a new preferred property management company. Additionally, you could earn extra income by acting as an arbiter and solving disputes between owners and guests on the P2P rental service.

Even if you don’t want to run an ATLANT node on your computer, holding ATL is still a good idea. All of the investors who can host nodes will want to buy ATL for the easy passive income, driving its price up to result in solid profits.


ATLANT Decentralized Platform
Token holders that host ATLANT nodes will contribute to the decentralization of the system.


ATLANT is definitely a service that is about to make big waves in the real estate world. This platform has the potential to change the way people rent, sell, and invest in property. Using a decentralized blockchain-based structure will remove a lot of the middlemen involved in real estate transactions and will significantly reduce the costs involved. If you’re thinking of investing in ATLANT, get in quick as the service will go live in March, and the price will likely rise before then as more people learn about its potential. ATLANT is currently available on If you’re not sure how to invest in cryptocurrencies, you can follow this guide to get you started.


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