How to Buy Ripple Cryptocurrency Instantly Without Verification


Did you put off buying Ripple XRP earlier after hearing that the price was going to soar, and now you’re regretting it while watching the price explode? Well don’t worry, there’s a way you can instantly buy some Ripple cryptocurrency today, with no verification or wait times required. This method uses the Changelly Exchange along with, and will allow you to purchase cryptocurrencies with only a credit card. It’s not too late to buy, Ripple is expected to reach over $9 in 2018 after being adopted by banks. But the train isn’t slowing down; The sooner you buy the better!

Step 1. Setting up you Changelly account

Changelly allows you to purchase and trade all different kinds of cryptocurrency. The benefits of using Changelly over other services is that it doesn’t require identification, you can pay using a credit card, and you should receive the funds quickly (usually 5-30 minutes after purchasing). Currently, XRP is not available for direct purchase, but it has been planned to be released soon. Therefore, we will be using Changelly to quickly purchase Ethereum, which we will then trade for XRP on

  1. Go to

  3. Press “Sign Up” and enter your email address

  5. Check your inbox, they will email you with a temporary password to sign in with

  7. Go back to the Changelly exchange and use the temporary password to sign in

  9. Click “My account” and then “Profile”. Here, you can use your temporary password to set a new password

  11. At the same time, I strongly recommend enabling 2-Factor authentication to secure your account

After setting up your Changelly account, Step 1 is complete. Now on to Step 2!

Step 2. Setting up your Binance account

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that supports a huge amount of different cryptocurrencies. After setting up an account here, you will be able to buy and sell virtually any cryptocurrency using the same method as explained in this guide. This exchange is great because it does not require identification, has free deposits, and has minimal transaction/withdrawal fees.

  1. Go to and register an account

  3. After registering, go to and search for Ehtereum, or ETH

  5. Press the “Deposit” button on Ethereum and the site should display your deposit address. Copy this address to your clipboard

Step 3. Buying Ethereum from Changelly

Now that you have set up your Binance account and have a wallet address, we can buy some Ethereum on Changelly!

  1. Go to the homepage of

  3. On the front page you should see the exchange section. Here, type in the amount of USD or EUR you would like to spend on Ripple. Make sure you select USD or EUR from the drop-down box on the left, while selecting ETH (Ethereum) from the drop-down box on the right

  5. Press “Exchange”

  7. On the next page, confirm that the amounts are correct. If using USD shows a converted value of 0 ETH, try using EUR as the US servers may be overloaded from the huge amount of transactions coming in

  9. Press next

  11. When it asks for your Ethereum Address, paste the address you copied earlier from

  13. Complete the payment process

Once that’s done, your Ethereum is on the way! It should take 5-30 minutes to arrive in your Binance wallet. Due to the heavy traffic at the moment, it may take a little longer so be patient.

Step 4. Trading Ethereum for Ripple Cryptocurrency on Binance

Soon, your Ethereum should arrive in your Binance wallet. Once it has, we can buy some Ripple cryptocurrency!

  1. Go to Binance and find the XRP/ETH exchange, or click this link to get there.

  3. Now, in the “Buy XRP” section, type the price you want to pay, or leave it at the current best price

  5. Press the 100% button if you wish to convert all of your Ethereum to Ripple

  7. Press “Buy XRP” and wait for your order to be filled!

Congratulations, once your trade goes through, you will be the proud owner of some XRP! I recommend you hold onto it tight into next year, where huge gains are expected. Good luck!

The downside to this method, though, is that you may be limited on how much Ethereum you can buy from Changelly for your first purchase. If you’re looking to invest large amounts into Ripple as soon as possible, have a look at the Ripple Cryptocurrency step-by-step purchasing guide. This process will have you verified and ready to trade cryptocurrencies in only a few hours in most cases.

Securing your investment

Now that you’ve got your Ripple and other cryptocurrencies, you need to think about how you’re going to keep them safe. If you only have a small amount, you’re probably going to be okay keeping them on your Binance account. But be aware, exchanges have been hacked before, causing users to lose some of their funds. If you have large quantities of cryptos, or amounts that you want to keep safe for long periods, I recommend using an offline storage device. These devices will keep your cryptocurrencies completely safe, and only accessible by you, who holds the password. The most popular device for offline storage is the Ledger Nano S. I strongly suggest looking into buying one; the cost of offline storage is nothing compared to the returns your cryptocurrencies will bring in the future!


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