4 Clues that Ripple and Others are Coming to Coinbase in January


Ever since Ripple gained huge popularity around December last year, investors have been counting down the days until XRP is available on Coinbase. At this point, it’s a question of when, not if, Ripple is added. The addition of Ripple to Coinbase will be a huge milestone in the growth of XRP, as it will expose the cryptocurrency to millions of new investors and make it easily obtainable. Recent clues show that this goal may be reached sooner than you thought, and that Tron and Monero could also be added. If you haven’t invested heavily in these coins, now might be the time to do so!


1. Coinbase has announced that they will be adding more coins in 2018

When Coinbase first added Litecoin to their platform, in May of 2017, they announced their intention to continue adding other cryptocurrencies. Since then, both Coinbase’s president, Asiff Hirji, and CEO, Brian Armstrong,  have announced on CNBC that they are planning to add more coins in 2018. From the coins currently available on Coinbase (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash), we can see that they clearly have a preference for more popular cryptocurrencies; barring Litecoin, these coins are ranked in the top 4 cryptocurrencies by market cap. Due to this, it would only make sense for Coinbase to add the second biggest coin to their platform: Ripple XRP. If another cryptocurrency is being added to Coinbase, it is almost guaranteed to be Ripple!


Top cryptocurrencies by market cap
Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash are the top four cryptocurrencies by market cap.


2. Coinbase’s search box auto-completes Ripple and other cryptos to “Supported Digital Currencies”

The earliest clue of Ripple’s addition comes straight from Coinbase themselves. In early December 2017, users noticed that typing “Ripple” into the Coinbase Support search bar would produce an autocomplete result for “Supported Digital Currencies”. This is an odd result, because there is no mention of Ripple anywhere on this page. Therefore, it is possible that some back-end code Coinbase set up in preparation for the addition of Ripple is causing this to occur. You can test this for yourself here, it still works!

Most of the top 30 coins by market cap will now also produce the same “Supported Digital Currencies” autocomplete message. This wasn’t always the case though; when the trick was first discovered, only a handful of coins caused the message to appear, including Ripple, Monero, and Tron. After the disaster of adding Bitcoin Cash to Coinbase, it is very unlikely that they will be adding 30+ different cryptocurrencies to their platform this year. Some users believe that Coinbase purposely made the autocomplete message appear for all of the other coins to cover their mistake of revealing which coins were about to be added. If that’s true, Ripple XRP, Monero XMR, and Tron TRX, could soon be listed on Coinbase.


Coinbase autocomplete showing "Supported Digital Currencies"
The autocomplete on Coinbase Support returns “Supported Digital Currencies” when “Ripple” is entered.


3. Tron is about to be added to a “very large” exchange

Justin Sun (@justinsuntron), the founder of Tron, has recently hinted that TRX will added to a big exchange. Justin broadcasted a live stream to all of his Twitter followers on the 23rd of December, during which he announced various upcoming events and partnerships for the Tron cryptocurrency. One of the statements made was that Tron was about to be listed on a “very large” exchange in early January 2018. This is a pretty vague statement, but consider that Tron is already listed on Binance, an exchange with over 3 million users. Therefore, “very large” could imply something like 13.3 million users, which Coinbase has.


Summary of upcoming Tron events
A summary of upcoming events for Tron includes being listed on a “very large” exchange in early January.


If Tron really is going to be added to Coinbase in early January, this supports what was found with the Coinbase autocomplete trick. As Tron is a much smaller coin than Ripple XRP, it could suggest that Coinbase will be adding multiple coins at once, as it wouldn’t make sense to add Tron before Ripple. On the other hand, after the addition of Bitcoin Cash caused Coinbase’s servers to crash, maybe they will try adding a smaller coin initially; Tron would allow Coinbase to test how their servers hold up to the increased trading volume before adding a coin such as Ripple, which would guarantee huge amounts of traffic.


4. Ripple was shown on Coinbase in a leaked video

On the 31st of December 2017, a video showing Ripple on the Coinbase beta site was anonymously uploaded to Streamable and then posted to Reddit. This video only accumulated about 100,000 views before it was taken down, but had been mirrored to YouTube multiple times at that point. The video (shown below), shows a user navigating the Coinbase beta site – only developers have access to this site. Ripple can clearly be seen listed in the “Your Portfolio” section on the Coinbase homepage, indicating that it is available to be traded. Furthermore, the user expands the details of a recent transaction which allows us to see the recipient address and amount of XRP sent. This transaction can be located and checked using the public Ripple ledger, proving that the transaction is legitimate. This, in addition to other pieces of evidence, point to the video being real. A complete analysis of the Coinbase leak video can be found here.


When all of this evidence is put together, it paints a pretty compelling picture. Ripple is almost certainly going to be added to Coinbase very soon, potentially along with Tron and Monero. This is very significant for investors, as Coinbase is a very mainstream site, and many of its 13.3 million users don’t use any other exchange platform. When a new cryptocurrency is added to Coinbase, it is made available to millions of new investors. This will no doubt cause a surge in the price of any coin added. If you haven’t loaded up on Ripple, Tron, and Monero yet, follow this guide for purchasing cryptocurrencies.


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