3 Moonshot Cryptocurrencies That Could Go Big in 2019


It’s not too late to dive into cryptocurrency and make a lot of money. While many people watched in awe as Bitcoin rose and made many people rich, they seem to have forgotten that cryptocurrency is still young and has limitless potential.

So, what are the cryptocurrencies that have the potential to strike it big in 2019? Here are a few coins that are likely to make it big in the near future.

These moonshot cryptocurrencies may go big in 2019.


EOS.IO is a young and quickly rising cryptocurrency that has been picking up traction recently. If you follow the cryptocurrency space, you have likely heard of them or seen one of their many advertisements online. Like any new token carrying any real value, EOS brings something new to the table.

EOS is an infrastructure for decentralized applications, which facilitates transactions with the help of smart contracts in order to provide transparency and trust in their ecosystem. Their software introduces blockchain technology to help scale decentralized applications. It also provides new accounts, databases, authentication and other features across multiples CPU cores in order to allow the completion of millions of transactions per second. This process also eliminates user fees and simplifies the deployment of decentralized applications.

The promise of EOS has not gone unnoticed in the crypto community, and the token has received positive coverage across the board. It has the potential to change the entire blockchain industry. It is still under development, but with so much promise in the near future, there has never been a better time to look into this rising star in the crypto space.



Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies. It came out in 2011 and is often referred to as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. While Litecoin isn’t a new coin, it has much potential going forward, as it is commonly considered to be a more affordable alternative to Bitcoin.

While Bitcoin’s limit is set at 21 million and is becoming increasingly difficult to mine, Litecoin has a coin limit of 84 million, and is much further from its capacity.

After peaking earlier this year, the price of Litecoin has recently taken a dip, but most crypto analysts predict a comeback. As Coin telegraph points out, historical data suggests that the coin has a tendency to rebound after reaching deeply oversold levels. Its price went up by over 6000% in 2017, and it seems likely that it will make a strong comeback once again, so Litecoin is definitely worth keeping a close eye on.



Ripple exploded onto the crypto scene in 2017, but even if you missed out, it is still far from too late to invest now.

Crypto Daily and other publications predict that Ripple will rise sharply in 2019, with the potential to reach over $10, or even hundreds as Ripple continues to diversify its interests. While its price increased by over 40000% in 2017, it is still a relatively inexpensive cryptocurrency, and is currently continuing to make new partnerships with companies in an effort to become more mainstream. It also has a maximum coin limit of 100 billion, which is far higher than most other mainstream cryptocurrencies.

Because Ripple boasts one of the simplest and most accessible transaction systems, while currently being the most affordable mainstream cryptocurrency, it would be wise to look into it now before the ship has sailed.

When all is considered, Ripple has huge potential to make it big over the course of the next few years.


Oyster Pearl

Oyster Pearl is a younger coin that is still in its early stages. Despite this, it already offers much potential in the crypto space.

Oyster offers solutions to a problem that affects the entire web: intrusive banner ads. Advertising is a highly lucrative industry, but it has several serious problems going forward at a time when people’s attention is an increasingly valuable commodity that continuously grows harder to hold onto.

Intrusive advertisements are becoming fundamentally weaker; and they are now seen as an annoying distraction from an otherwise clean website page. On top of this, ad blockers are now making it easier than ever for consumers to disregard even the most efficiently executed online ads.

Oyster offers a solution in the form of robust, redundant data storage that seeks to transform the way website monetization takes place through distributed storage made possible through blockchain technology and Ethereum-based smart contracts.



Bitcoin may have already run its course for the common investor, but there are still many options out there for you if you are keen on curing your FOMO. If you look into these coins while doing your research and due diligence, you will find other cryptocurrencies that have the potential to make it big in 2019, and well into the future.


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