Storing Tron TRX and Other ERC20 Tokens on Your Ledger Nano S


If you’ve done research on the Ledger Nano S, you may have noticed that their list of supported currencies is missing some big cryptocurrencies such as Tron TRX, EOS, Binance BNB, BAT and many more ERC20 tokens. While the Ledger doesn’t have native applications for managing these coins like it does with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, it is possible to store them on your hardware wallet using MyEtherWallet, a trusted Ethereum wallet generator. And yes, this method has been endorsed by Ledger!

If you have a Ledger, but no TRX to store on it yet, you can follow this beginners guide to purchasing cryptocurrencies. If you don’t have a Ledger, but want still want to keep your cryptocurrencies safe, make a paper wallet! They’re the next best thing after a hardware wallet.

Storing your ERC20 tokens on your Ledger Nano S is simple; you only need your Ledger, a computer, and some cryptocurrency to store. This cryptocurrency can be on an exchange or in any other wallet. Follow these steps, and your cryptocurrencies will be safe on your Ledger in no time!


Storing Tron on a Ledger
Keep your cryptocurrencies safe by storing them on a hardware wallet.


1. Before you can store any currencies on your Ledger, you first need to set it up. Follow this guide from Ledger if you haven’t done so already.


2. On your Ledger wallet, open up the Ethereum app and go into settings. Enable both the “Contract Data” and “Browser Support” settings. This will allow your hardware wallet to communicate with your browser when using MyEtherWallet.


3. With your Ledger plugged into your computer, go to You should bookmark this page to make sure you’re always visiting the correct website. If you visit a fake website, you risk your wallets getting hacked.

Note: MyEtherWallet has a Chrome extension version of their site, but currently, the only way to connect to your Ledger wallet is by using the actual website.


4. Go to the “Send Ether & Tokens” tab and press “Ledger Wallet”.


5. Press the blue “Connect to Ledger Wallet” button and you should  see a popup like the one below. Here you will see a list of all of the Ethereum addresses stored on your Ledger. If you send ETH or tokens to any of these addresses, they will be stored safely on your Ledger.


Ledger Wallet Unlock
When you connect to your Ledger using MEW, you will see a range of addresses available to use.


6. Choose one of these addresses that you would like to send your tokens to and press “Unlock your Wallet”.


7. Copy the account address from this screen. You can use the “Display address on Ledger” button to make sure the address you’ve copied matches what you see on your Ledger. For future reference, this is the screen you would use if you ever wanted to transfer ETH or ERC20 tokens off of your Ledger.


8. Now that you have an Ethereum address from your Ledger, you can send ETH, TRX, EOS, and other ERC20 tokens to it. To do this, simply log into the exchange or wallet where your tokens are currently being held and withdraw/send them to the address you’ve copied.


After sending funds to your Ledger, you’re done! Your cryptocurrencies are now safely stored in a hardware wallet. If you want to check your balances, you can either return to the screen you were on in Step 7, or you can simply paste the Ethereum address you copied into the search bar on I personally recommend using Etherscan as you can just bookmark the page for your address and check the balance at any time without having to connect your Ledger wallet to your computer.


    • Follow all steps above and unlock your wallet with the blue button.

      Underneath the Account Address on the right is a section called “Token Balances”
      Click on Show all Balances, you will see a list of all tokens
      Click on Click to Load for your token, you will see your balance

      In the section to send to an Address you can now also select your token instead of ETH only.

  1. As far as I understand the actual system you need not only the trx on the adress but ALSO some eth in the SAME address. Only then you can pay the gas-price for any transaction from you ledger to any other address, like binance or so.
    If you have ONLY trx in one address and you want to send it to another address, you only get an error-message.

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